Andrew’s Gone to Iceland – and Not Just for Fish Fingers!

Well my Iceland trip has finally come round – I just hope it rewards the wait. As many of you will know I originally tried to do a trip to Iceland last year, but was stymied by a combination of … Continue reading

Saturday, August 20, 2011 in Iceland Travel Blog, Travel

Updates from Iceland…

From the Ministry of Odd Coincidences: I’ve been on four organised photography tours, and I’ve now been in the right place to witness marathons or “fun runs” on three of them. The latest was the annual Reykjavik Marathon. I wonder … Continue reading

Sunday, August 21, 2011 in Iceland Travel Blog, Travel

Reykjavik “Culture Night” – One Side of the Coin

I wanted to show the breadth of the “Culture Night”, and was torn between these three cute Icelandic maidens singing their very tuneful folk songs, and the pole dancing. I suspect in the interests of journalistic integrity I have to … Continue reading

Reykjavik “Culture Night” – The Other Side of the Coin :)

And here’s some more of the flower of Iceland’s youth! Judging by the outfits Reykjavik has at least two pole dancing clubs in competition with one another. I would say it keeps them off the streets, but of course yesterday … Continue reading

It Now Costs a Pound to Spend a Penny!

Just a quick update today, as I’ve had a few computer problems and time is tight… Yesterday we were picked up from the hotel in two enormous “superjeeps”, which started life as Nissan Patrols but now stand about 10ft tall, … Continue reading

Monday, August 22, 2011 in Iceland Travel Blog, Travel

A Day of Travails

You don’t realise quite how empty the interior of Iceland is, or just how much time you’re going to spend bouncing over unmade roads through deserts of rock and mud. It’s not surprising that NASA test their extra-terrestrial rovers here. … Continue reading

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 in Iceland Travel Blog, Photography, Travel

Our Guides

Meet our guides. I’m doing this trip with an Icelandic company called Nature Explorer, which is run by Haukur “Hawk” Parelius, in the background in this shot. He has several drivers, but always does the Fire and Ice trip himself, … Continue reading

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 in Iceland Travel Blog, Travel

Waterfalls, Waterfalls…

With the original cinema release of Life of Brian the Monty Python team included a wonderful documentary spoof called Away From It All, which includes at one point the memorable line “Gondolas, gondolas and more ****ing gondolas”. Tuesday’s journey through … Continue reading


This is a rather nice pollur (=”tarn”) near Landmannalaugar. I particularly like the red, green and blue palette. I’m beginning to get the hang of Icelandic pronunciation. It seems to mainly involve putting at lot of “t” sounds where they … Continue reading

Thursday, August 25, 2011 in Iceland Travel Blog, Travel

Glacial Panorama

This is a panorama from just one side of a small hillock near Hrafntinnursker which has a remarkable view. Bewteen this and a similar view the other way you can see no fewer than ten of Iceland’s glaciers. The one … Continue reading

An Eventful Day

Wednesday was a fascinating and rather eventful day. We started off gently enough with a group of locations around Landmannalaugar which were a combination of black hills streaked with almost fluorescent green moss, and colourful tarns surrounded by black, brown, … Continue reading