It’s Screen Time!

Too much screen time?
Camera: SONY DSC-RX100M7 | Date: 28-07-2021 06:25 | Resolution: 4939 x 2469 | ISO: 400 | Exp. bias: -1 EV | Exp. Time: 1/30s | Aperture: 2.8 | Focal Length: 9.0mm (~24.0mm)

Is this what they mean by “too much screen time”?

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One Response to It’s Screen Time!

  1. Divitel says:

    Haha nice pic! With all the streaming platforms, OTT platforms, Replay TV, you name it, you can never have too much screen time :p
    With all the online platforms available, I can hardly choose what to do on the internet and this is picture is basically a sum of my day.


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