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Architect, Consultant and Developer

An independent consultant with a unique combination of managerial, commercial and technical skills, I specialise in the development of strategies and technical architectures which allow businesses to get the maximum benefit from their IT resources.

I have been described by clients as a "broad spectrum" architect, summarising my ability to engage in many problems at many levels.

As well as practising software architecture, I am also enthusiastic about developing the discipline, the people within it, and the way it is used. See my papers on software architecture and related matters and the AgileArchitect.Org website, dedicated to the practice of software architecture following the best principles of agile development.

I am an active software developer, specialising in the high-speed development of innovative solutions, prototypes to provide the viability of one or more solutions, or the rapid delivery of an automation solution which solves a specific business problem. To find out more please visit My Development Page.

My blog, Thoughts on the World, regularly covers technical topics, including architecture, agile development, design, technology and professional book reviews.

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Photography and Travel

I've always had a strong interest in photography, both as a practical tool to record our experiences in life, and as an art form. Have a look at the Photography Zone - my gallery and a growing collection of articles, tips, utilities and thoughts on photography in general.

You can also follow my photo blog, or have a look at my book reviews on Photography and Photographers

I combine my love of photography with a love of travel, recently visiting and making images in a number of wonderful locations incuding Bhutan, Cuba, Morocco and Iceland. For more details, please visit my travel page or have a look at one of my travel blogs:

Cuba 2010 Iceland 2011 USA 2012 Italy 2013 Morocco 2013 USA 2014 Bhutan 2015 Myanmar 2017 Namibia 2018 Hawaii 2019

My Tenset

To give you an idea of whether my photography's the thing for you, here's my "Tenset" - ten of my favourite shots, which between them give you some idea of my preferred subjects and style. (Hover over the images for a bit more information, or click for a full-sized version.)

Personal and Fun Zone

I don't take the world entirely seriously. Look here for blog posts which may make you laugh, and here for all my personal articles.

My book reviews also cover:

To keep up with all my reviews, please visit the review pages.

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