Ten Ways to Make Your iPad Work Effectively With Windows

If you’re one of those people who uses loads of Apple products, and is thinking of proposing Steve Jobs for canonisation, then you may be happy with how your iPad works, but if you’re trying to make it work effectively in a Windows-based environment you may have found shortcomings with the “out of the box” solutions.

It is perfectly possible to make the iPad play nicely as part of a professional Windows-based environment, but you do have to be prepared to grab the bull by the horns, dump most of the built-in apps (which are almost all pretty useless), and take control of both file management and communications via partner applications on the PC. This article presents some of my hard-won tips and recommendations on how to do this and get productive work out of the iPad’s great hardware.

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3 Responses to Ten Ways to Make Your iPad Work Effectively With Windows

  1. Andrew says:

    Updated 14/1/12. This is a fast-moving environment and it’s already time to update my advice. With the release of an optimised version of OneNote for the iPad, this displaces MobileNoter. I’m also hopeful that I can soon confirm removal of some of the problems in other apps. Watch this space.

  2. Neil Hughes says:

    Hi Andrew, Thanks for the tips. I’m not a great fan of the ipad due to most of the limitations you have mentioned. Once you get passed the wow factor, I think its a pretty limited device. However, my wife has one and I’m getting the never ending ‘how do I …’ Your suggestions will make my life a lot easier!

  3. Gil king says:

    You are my answer to the ease of my iPad and the work horse of Microsoft. Thank you.

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