A Broader View

Bagan Plain at Sunset: stitched from 5 pictures images
Camera: Panasonic DMC-GX8 | Date: 12-02-2017 17:43 | Resolution: 20235 x 3694 | ISO: 800 | Exp. bias: 0 EV | Exp. Time: 1/200s | Aperture: 7.1 | Focal Length: 114.0mm (~108.0mm)

I really shouldn’t complain. I know the sleep deprivation thing is a bit annoying, but it’s just become a running joke. On the other hand, I am getting the opportunity to see and photograph some rather magnificent sites. Here, and with a rough nod to the title, is what I made of the Bagan plain at sunset.

We’ve been having a debate in the group about how different people see and make images. My temptation, which matches my usual professional role of taking complicated things and trying to put some unifying structure onto them, is to try and somehow capture the essence of a whole scene. Others have a perfectly valid but different approach of working out from details of interest. This is an example of mine.

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