What Are We Losing?

We’ve been watching "The Man In The High Castle". Despite all the horrors of Fascism this depicts, I find the single most perturbing image to be that of a Supersonic Transport, recognisable The Concorde, with a swastika on the tail. Why?

I was proud, am proud, to be of a generation where old allies, old rivals, old enemies could work together to create some of mankind’s greatest engineering achievements. Concorde. The Channel Tunnel. CERN. Suddenly, almost inexplicably, these appear to be icons of mankind’s past, not its current achievement. Great icons of peace they appear unattainable in the new post-truth, me-first reality of 2016+ realpolitic.

Those who voted for Brexit, for Trump, who apologise for Putin need to think and explain. What are we losing, and why?

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