Getting Ahead of the Curve – Final Update?

Picadilly by the light of the video wall, Canon S120 wide open with both aperture and zoom
Camera: Canon PowerShot S120 | Date: 08-02-2013 17:07 | Resolution: 4824 x 3015 | ISO: 250 | Exp. bias: 0 EV | Exp. Time: 1/100s | Aperture: 1.8 | Focal Length: 5.2mm

When I purchased my Panasonic GX7 on the day of release, I did expect there to be a slight delay in getting software support (see here), but I got frustrated when no fewer than three versions of Capture One came and went without it.

However my patience has finally been rewarded with V7.2.1. This not only delivers full support for the GX7, but has also dramatically upgraded the support for my equally new Canon S120. This produces RAW files which at the wide end of the zoom have very dramatic geometric distortion, so strong it was impossible to correct manually, but in the new version the built-in C1 support corrects them perfectly, with neither geometric nor chromatic aberration evident even at pixel peeping levels.

While I’m still slightly peeved about the time it took (a grand total of 6 months!), I’m very impressed with the results.

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