Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

This week I am supporting the TRW presence at Automechanika in Frankfurt. Due to a cock-up on the packing front by the team leader this morning found us short of a wireless router essential to connect our demonstration vehicle to the Internet. An attempt to source one at the airport failed, and this morning Anne and I were sent out to procure a replacement.
Our hotel is close to a small commercial area, and we quickly identified a number of promising stores, which unfortunately shared a relatively late opening time of 10am. 9am therefore found us wandering forlorn with only bakeries and pharmacies able to serve.
Right at the end of the street we found Zam Zam’s Party Emporium, and in desperation ambled inside. There amongst the balloons, fancy dress costumes and greeting cards, on a shelf above the till, was not one but a choice of six different wireless routers!
35min later we were on our way, problem solved. Dixons 0, Zam Zam 1. Result!

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