iPad Communications Errors

I don’t know whether any other iPad / iPhone users out there get the same problem, but I’d be interested to hear if you do.

Quite often I go to use an app which needs to communicate over the Internet, and it gets “stuck”, clearly trying to communicate but with nothing happening. Depending on the app it may just sit there forever, or the operation may time out with an error. The iPad as a whole is still responsive, I can switch apps and use those which don’t need comms, but at that point all comms from all apps appear to be blocked. The only solution I have found is to switch the iPad off and on again.

This is now sometimes happening several times a day. I thought Apple products were supposed to be so reliable they never needed a reboot? This is worse than a twenty year old Windows PC.

The problem seems to have got worse since I started using Twitter, and installed a couple of apps which wake up periodically to check for new activity. It therefore seems like there may be some common comms routine or resource which is essentially single-threaded and can get into a deadlocked state if there is more than one call on it.

Does anyone else suffer this, or know how to fix it?

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