Death and Service

My brand new iPad died today. One minute I was taking notes on it. Next minute, dead as the proverbial fat bird with a big beak, or the Norwegian Blue (lovely plumage).

There are three theories which fit the available data:

  1. This was a typical failure on the leading edge of the bathtub curve, and I was just unlucky.
  2. iPads are unreliable, and I am going to learn some new swearwords when the process repeats.
  3. Steve Jobs’ spyware installed on all iPads to monitor for uncomplimentary content detected my draft post on the shortcomings of the iPad’s software architecture, and Apple took pre-emptive action.

What is, however, beyond reproach and the reason I’m writing this post is the absolutely exemplary service provided to me at PC World in Coventry. The young chap quickly established that a straight replacement was appropriate, but because I am away from home he’d have to retrieve my receipt details electronically. This proved rather more difficult than expected, as the original sales assistant in Guildford had somehow bypassed the supposedly mandatory step of capturing my name and postcode. However, the Coventry guys persisted, with searches on multiple back office systems, and eventually tracked my receipt down. The swap was promptly made, and I’m already up and running again.

The quality of customer service at DSG (the company who own Dixons, Curry’s and PC World) used to be a source of jokes. However, the excellent service I received today is not untypical, in my recent expereience. I would like to formally extend my thanks and compliments to them.

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