TechRadar: EA Technology Visualisation

Commercial development

Summary: Provides the ability to generate multiple high-quality visualisations of the enterprise technology landscape from a single underlying source

TechRadar enables Enterprise Architects to maintain a single, simple, version-controlled spreadsheet (or simple database) with a very “flat” presentation of the data, and TechRadar can then generate a multi-page PDF with visualisations of the data, in both “Radar” and tabular formats. Continue reading

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 in Case Study, Development

Yodel Identity Management

Development for Yodel Ltd.

Summary: Complete, working design for a federated identity management system integrating Active Directory and OpenLDAP

A federated solution for identity management combining Active Directory and OpenLDAP, supporting a complex role structure, and fully integrated with existing on-boarding and off-boarding processes. I created a fully worked-up design with a test system and documented code required to perform key actions.  Continue reading

Insurance Premium Breakdown

Concept for Aviva Plc.

The Challenge: Explain in simple graphical form the various factors affecting a year on year insurance premium change, with the objective of reducing call centre complaints.

I originated the concept of a simple graphical web page showing an analysis of the premium change, and in a few days created a working prototype website with two different graphical representations plus drill-down to more detailed information. Continue reading

Network Automation and Orchestration

UBS Plc.

Summary: Development of network orchestration and automation solutions

UBS’ New Generation Networks programme aims to simplify management of their highly complex internal network using extensive automation and orchestration.
Early work consisted of fragmented point solutions. I created a cohesive solution architecture, with unified request handling, standardised data structures, and adapters to multiple endpoint interactions. I then developed this architecture’s first use for DNS management, using Python/Django, REST APIs and Cisco NSO (Tail-F), among others. Continue reading

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 in Case Study, Development

Knowledge Base Development

ID-Workshop Ltd.

Summary: Development of a prototype knowledge base supporting automotive fault-finding

The ID Workshop solution provides comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, but provides little or no guidance on how to efficiently identify and rectify the underlying causes of a problem. I developed a companion system which bridges that gap, synthesising information from a number of external sources to help mechanics identify parts recommendations which can then become queries in a parts catalogue. Continue reading

Agile Shelf-Edge Ticketing Platform

Marks and Spencer Plc.

The Challenge: Meet a regulatory deadline for a change in shelf-edge ticketing, against considerable, potentially incompatible constraints

The requirement was to deliver a new capability for in-store shelf-edge ticketing, at the time of a major change freeze. Despite timescale, platform and team capability challenges I quickly delivered a new solution to meet the deadline. The solution evolved progressively over several years, delivering significant business benefit for a very low investment. Continue reading

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 in Case Study, Development

Rule-based message transformation

Development for National Grid Plc.

The Challenge: Replace a large number of complex, hand-coded transformations between two core message models with a single generic rule-based solution.

I developed a rule-based “transformation engine” which transforms between the two models, doing away with a very large number of complex hand-coded transformations. Continue reading

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 in Case Study, Development

Integration Message Comparison

Development for National Grid Plc.

The Challenge: Identify the nature of changes to key assets from messages providing just the latest information for each asset

I developed a component for National Grid’s EAI architecture which compares and enriches related XML messages as they flow through the system, enabling better downstream routing depending on what has changed. Continue reading

TestIDMS – DMS Load Testing

Development for National Grid Plc.

The Challenge: Demonstrate performance and reliability of a problematic complex application, without investment in a high-end test toolset

TestIDMS was a simple performance test tool built using .NET and Internet explorer able to drive complex workflows through to completion, able to simulate multiple sessions from a single low-specification user PC. Continue reading

Friday, May 15, 2020 in Case Study, Development

Android Private File Manager

Commercial development

The Challenge: Manage related content securely within a single Android app

Stash-It! is an “all in one” private file manager, tabbed browser and downloader for Android, designed to keep content safe from prying eyes, but with multiple content types co-located, e.g. for a client or project. Continue reading

ConQuest: Graphical Container Yard

Prototype Development

The Challenge: Demonstrate, in the mid 1990s, how graphical user interfaces could make a real difference to the management of container shipping

ConQuest is a prototype visual container control and planning system for Microsoft Windows. It enables all users, from the gate operators to the planners, to do their work in real time, using intuitive visual displays, which give a clear picture of the yard. Continue reading

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 in Case Study, Development

RelQuest: Fault Tree Modelling

Commercial Development

The Challenge: Enable simple qualitative and quantitative modelling of complex system failure probabilities with a simple toolset based on Visio.

RelQuest is a tool to support Fault Tree Analysis of hardware and software system reliability. It is based on a simplified modelling approach, which allows analytical (and therefore almost instantaneous) evaluation of the model. It supports base events, AND, OR and VOTE gates. Continue reading