Normal Service Of This Joke Will Be Resumed Shortly

When I was a lad, there was a joke. It went:

"It must have been tough in the old days."


"They had to watch TV by candlelight."

Last night we were just sitting down to dinner and our evening’s viewing, and the power went off, for almost two hours. In lieu of candles we lit the gas fire and an oil lamp. Not happy to abandon our entertainment, we powered up the older MacBook, popped in our X Files DVD, and got on with our watching.

That’s right – we watched TV by candlelight.

But there’s a twist. It worked, because of late-noughties technology. DVDs and a laptop with a large screen and disk player slot. If we were reliant on 2017 technology, we would have been scrod: no disc player in the newer laptops, no access to streaming services (mains powered internet router and so on), no access to the mains-powered server which holds our recorded TV.

Normal service will therefore be resumed imminently.

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