Scary Format Reversal

My penultimate purchase of music on vinyl was in 1989. I think, if memory at this distance serves, it was Running in the Family by Level 42. In the intervening 26 years I have felt very limited need to use other than CD or purely electronic formats.

That all went out of the window last week, when I tried to track down a particularly arcane track by the King’s Singers (their version of Eurovision winner Ding-a-Dong, if you must know). Despite their enduring popularity their album Lollipops has apparently never been released in a digital format. However a few minutes on eBay and £9 later I tracked down the LP, which turned up a few days ago nicely packed and in good order. Our record deck with a USB output and EZ Vinyl/Tape Convertor made quick work of digitising it, although it did get a bit confused by the track on side 2 with the substantial rests… Makes you wonder why the youth of today are so obsessed with all this downloading business when the alternative is so straightforward Smile

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