The Wrong Orientation?

In an odd confluence, multiple streams of activity have come together to convince me that current IS thinking may be suffering from a bad dose of “the wrong orientation”. My work on data modelling at National Grid, an excellent course on business process modelling, my frustrations with the iPad software architecture and finally some exposure to Oracle’s latest SOA tools have all convinced me that we need to get back to designing systems with an “object-action orientation”, rather than the regressive move back to the alternative.


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2 Responses to The Wrong Orientation?

  1. Dan Haywood says:

    Just to say that I agree with your conclusion, and to note that Naked Objects is alive and well, both on the .NET platform and on Java.

    The .NET version, Naked Objects MVC is under Richard Pawson’s stewardship, and now runs under ASP.NET MVC + Entity Framework 4.

    Meanwhile, for Java platform what was the original Naked Objects framework has been accepted into the Apache Software Foundation’s incubator, and is called Apache Isis.


  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks, Dan, I’m very pleased to hear it. I was very pleased to contribute to the original book, and the ideas I gained at the time have guided me strongly in the interim.

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