Blogging: What It Is and How It Works

Another good article published in the Microsoft Architecture Journal: If you don’t fully understand what a Weblog (or “Blog”) is, how it works, or what it may mean to you and your business, then this is for you.

The first part of “DasBlog: Notes from Building a Distributed .NET Collaboration System” is an accessible review of the phenomenon of blogging, and its implications for collaboration and knowledge management. Blogs cross several traditional boundaries: diaries, content management, collaboration, and news publishing. As a result both authors and readers are changing the way they get news and opinion from the web, and the new patterns are beginning to be reflected in corporate and project communications.

The second part of the article discusses some of the underlying technologies, like RSS, and how they can lead to increasingly rich linkage between the work of many authors.

Finally, the third section discusses the challenges of building a full-function open-source blogging engine using .NET technology. It’s very interesting, but gets quite technical. However you don’t have to follow, or even read, this to get benefit from the excellent first part.


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