White Pocket

White Pocket
Camera: Panasonic DC-G9 | Date: 28-09-2023 11:50 | Resolution: 5141 x 3213 | ISO: 200 | Exp. bias: -33/100 EV | Exp. Time: 1/1300s | Aperture: 6.3 | Focal Length: 17.0mm | Location: White Pocket | State/Province: One Mile, Coconino, Arizona | See map | Lens: LUMIX G VARIO 12-35/F2.8II

Everyone knows The Wave, that curling saddle of twisted colourful layers of rock, and everyone wants to get to The Wave, but access is strictly controlled via a tight lottery, and only a few pull it off. However the Coyote Buttes area contains several similar formations, for most of which access is still straightforward, and the best known is White Pocket.

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It’s another destination for which you need an appropriate vehicle and guide, and I had again signed up with Dreamland Safaris. When I arrived at their office I was somewhat surprised to find about 10 other punters all going to White Pocket in three separate jeeps, but it is their most popular tour. However this does suggest that some form of access limitation may be on the way.

The drive in takes about 2.5 hours, with paved road giving way to good unpaved road, giving way to rough unpaved road and finally thick, deep sand. Fortunately our guide Maddi made it look easy, but I suspect it really isn’t.

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White Pocket is a big area, bigger than The Wave, covering about 7 square miles and a typical route taking in the well-known and most dramatic formations is a 2-3 mile hike/scramble of 3-4 hours, if you’ve got and are used to photographers, which fortunately Maddi was.

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There’s no single signature formation like The Wave itself, although The Wormhole comes close, but instead you have a procession of impossible looking rock loops and swirls, and waves, linked by white "brain rock" which is very easy to walk on.

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My advice is simple: if you can do this, do it before it also becomes inaccessible to all but a lucky daily few.

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