Ask A P’liceman

I think it was Will Hay who popularised the notion of added value timekeeping and navigational services from the forces of law and order. This doesn’t always work.

On Barbados recently, we were trying without much success to find Fisher Ponds Great House, a widely-recommended ex plantation house, now dining experience. This was not well signposted, and although we knew we were probably less than a mile away, we were getting progressively more lost.

Deciding to swallow my male pride, I spotted a police car heading towards us, and flagged it down. My request for directions drew an unusual reply: “sorry sir, I’m looking for that myself”. 🙂

Fortunately at this point Tonto rode to the rescue, in the form of a young lad on a bicycle, who when asked did know the way. So I followed the lad, and the cop followed us. At least, he did up to the point where he saw a sign and took the initiative. We followed the youngster, who directed us to the proper gate and earned $2. We were amused to see the policeman waiting at the locked back gate.

So if you want to know the way, don’t ask a p’liceman – find a bright lad on a bike!

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Location:Beachy Head Dr,Bel Air,Barbados

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