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The Tevye Scale of Approval

I have decided that the accept/reject assessments of the Sarbanes-Oxley world are far too binary, as they don't allow an architect to record his true feelings about a piece of work. I have therefore decided that in future I will record my assessments using what I have named the Tevye Scale:

Above "approve" sits promote. This is applied mainly to the architect's own ideas, which always deserve far more than just approval.

Then there's approve. Hopefully we all understand this one.

Slightly below approve is bless. This is for the ideas which the architect can't, or shouldn't, approve, but he wants them to succeed anyway.

The next step down is accept. It's difficult to convey a shrug of the shoulders in an email, but words like "I suppose so" may suffice. If the architect's assessment is correct this will only be a temporary state, but otherwise the architect may raise his assessment over time, even, eventually, to "promote".

Next comes reject. Another easy one.

Below "reject" is despise. This is for the ones where the initial assessment was "reject", but the idiots decided to try and build it anyway. Again, if the architect's assessment correct this will be a short-term state but if the idea survives, the architect may have to modify this assessment to forgive.


If you'd like to comment on this article, with ideas, examples, or just to praise it to the skies then I'd love to hear from you.

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