Andrew Johnston: Architecture and Consultancy Services

Professional Services

Consultancy Services Introduction: A "Broad Spectrum" Architect

“I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.”

I am a consultant specialising in the development of strategies, enterprise and solution architectures which allow businesses to get the maximum benefit from their IT resources. Deploying a unique combination of managerial, commercial and technical skills, I can help to deliver high quality, cost-effective business solutions whether developed, procured or derived from existing assets. My track record includes several innovative designs which have delivered significant business benefit or cost savings.

As a skilled architect, trouble-shooter and developer, I have created or contributed to the architecture of many complex systems, often integrating elements across multiple platforms.

I am frequently called upon to provide technical leadership, articulating, developing and promoting the vision for an architecture, making sure that optimum business value is obtained, but without compromising long-term flexibility and durability.

Business managers, IT managers and developers all find it easy to work and communicate with me. Having worked for both suppliers and purchasers of bespoke software, I can help to establish an equitable contractual and project control regime, and can effectively represent my clients in both technical discussions and commercial negotiations.

My more than 30 years’ experience covers real-time, administrative, financial and infrastructural systems, in domains including insurance administration, automotive diagnostics, enterprise asset management, field force automation, charging and billing, dealing rooms, property management, shipping, treasury management and retail back-office. In recent years my focus has been on integrating and rationalising systems and data using Knowledge Management, Integration and Business Intelligence technologies.

A detailed understanding of the processes of software development backs up my practical experience, and I can help to define, establish and improve standards and development practices. My book “A Hacker’s Guide to Project Management” is specifically targeted at developers entering project management for the first time.

My keywords are pragmatism and practicality. I look for practical solutions which solve real problems but avoid dramatic changes wherever possible. I also make sure that whatever is required can actually be done - I never expect a developer to do something I can’t do myself!

To best use my skills I will have an active input into the strategy, architecture and design for one or more systems, usually working as a Solution Architect, or in IT Strategy.